TypeScript IDE
for Eclipse

Version: 2.0.2
Last update: October 24, 2014

Some time ago we’ve started to use TypeScript in our projects to create a faster JavaScript. We use Eclipse for most of our large-scale applications, and we created a simple plugin to edit TypeScript code in the same environment. Our appetite was increased, and we continued to add more features for better productivity.

Now we can use the same philosophy and tools when programming in Java and TypeScript. We decided to share our experience with the community and to release TypeScript plugin for Eclipse for our peers.

Just plug it in and start typing code!

Debug Support

Debug support for stand alone and web based application.

Code Completion

Get up to speed with TypeScript using code completion proposals.

Code Navigation

Conveniently navigate to code outline, type and element declarations.

TypeScript search

Easily find all references of the selected objects.

Quick Start

  1. Install required software: Java 7, Eclipse Kepler 4.3 or higher, Node.js.
  2. In Eclipse go to Help → Install New Software...
  3. Provide the installation location http://axmor.bitbucket.org/typecs/stable/update-site/
  4. Mark the plugin version you would like to install then press Next...
  5. On Install Details press Next...
  6. Review and confirm the plugin to install.
  7. Restart Eclipse.

More Features

Debug Support

Debug support for stand alone NodeJS TypeScript based application and Google Chrome remote debug for web based application.

Code Completion

Helps you find correct usage patterns for keywords, types, functions and variables.

Code Compilation

You will see compilation errors in the Problems View.

Code Navigation

Code Outline

Find quickly the outline of the TypeScript file currently being edited.

Open Declaration

Navigate quickly to element declaration

Code Editing

Syntax highlighting

Enjoy Eclipse’s highlighting functionality for TypeScript code.

Mark Occurrences

Mark occurrences of the selected element in the current file.

Format Code

Format your code using the TypeScript code convention.

TypeScript Search

Find References

Find all references of the selected element in the current project.

Coding Productivity

Comment Code

One click to comment the selected text block.

Refactoring Support

Rename / Refactor

About Axmor

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